Institute of health sciences is having a developed library, where the students can get their academic related information, books, notes and lectures. Newspaper will always be available for keeping the students up to date about the current affairs and other important information as well. To meet their studies and research requirements students are always allowed to use library as study place. Library will always make shure the availability of text books, reference books, notes, lectures, magazines, periodicals and audio and video discs to the students.

Library Rules:

i. Books will only issue to the students having a library card.
ii. Books will not be issues to any student for more than 20 days.
iii. If a student fails to return the books by the due date a fine of Rs.30/day will be charged.
iv. A student can issue only 2 books at a time. For issuing any other book he/she must have to return any one of the already issued boos.
v. Library books are for the students and students must use them carefully. If a book is lost or damaged by a student, he/she has to replace the book.
vi. If the book is difficult to replace he/she has to pay a double cost for the book.